Slice The Cake - Other SlicesSlice the Cake

Other Slices

01. Blow Up Voodoo Doll
02. False Illumination
03. Nebulayer Cake
04. The Siren’s Song
05. Fractal Exam Sequence
06. A Dance With Dragons
07. 4th Dimensional Obversation
08. Cleansed
09. Genghis Tron, Come Home, We Miss You!
10. The Great Migration
11. Kow Otani’s Castle in the Sky

[Myriad Records]

The term “deathcore” is oft times a very polarizing way to describe a band; nearly as polarizing as the “djent” label. Though the rule still stands that there are outliers in every genre, and Slice the Cake happen to be one of the best examples of this, most accurately described as “progressive deathcore”. They’ve had quite a big year, now releasing two, yes two, full length albums in under twelve months time. Some would think this would lead to a quantity over quality situation, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. Opening the year with their stellar debut full length concept album The Man With No Face and closing it with Other Slices proves them to be some of the most prolific writers in the online metal scene.

The band, consisting of guitarist/producer/clean vocalist Jonas Johansson (Sweden), composer/bassist Magero Richardson (Australia), and vocalist Gareth Edwards (England)Having band members from all over the world would seem extremely difficult to some, the Internet has made this kind of thing not only a possibility, but a thing of nigh normalcy in today’s metal world. Myriad Records have seen the potential Slice the Cake have, naming them their most recent signing as well.

Other Slices is not just a normal album, it’s a collection of B-sides, reworked songs, pieces that didn’t have a place before, and a few new songs. This keeps things interesting throughout, as a few curve balls are thrown at you through the course of the album. ‘Fractal Exam Sequence‘ being the first of them, breaking up the absolutely punishing vibe set by the first four songs with something you’d never expect from a band like Slice the Cake. There’s no lack of diversity after said song either, with tracks ‘Ghengis Tron, Come Home, We Miss You!’  and ‘The Great Migration’  adding even more to the band’s repertoire, all building up to the album’s ultra-climactic closer ‘Kow Otani’s Castle In The Sky’ . The closing track alone could be subject to a paragraph of its own, easily being one of, if not the best song Slice the Cake have released to date. Full of guitar acrobatics, orchestral breaks, and a piano interlude that sounds as if one of the Classical greats came back from the dead and wrote it themselves.

Everything on Other Slices sounds of perfection, from the drums to the guitars to the excellent vocal performances, all three members are as gifted as they come. The production is above or on par with any major label release, the orchestral sections sound as if an orchestra were hired to record them, and the compositions flow as well as any song by artists they draw inspiration from. Minor details, huge chorus sections, crushing breakdowns, all meticulously crafted. The only thing resembling a gripe would be wishing the album were longer, already clocking in over 40 minutes long, but making you wish it never ended.

Whether you were a fan of the band’s first EP Cleansed or their debut full length The Man With No Face, this album will please you greatly. Full of songs in the vein of each release, as well as full of other surprises. A release like this so late in the year will be making people rethink their year end “top ten albums” lists.

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