Do you like Enslaved? You should. If you do, you probably already know about their new album slated for a March 15th release, entitled In Times. If you didn’t know, you do know. As the follow up to the genre-defining masterpiece that was RIITIIR, Enslaved stand poised to defend pop-punk…wait no, progressive-black metal and continue their journey into brave and forward thinking experimentation in the genre. More info including tour dates below.

You’re still reading this, right? good. Not only do they have a new album coming in a few months, they’r also going on tour in North America. Because that’s usually what bands do. They’re bringing along the lumbering behemoth that is YOB, along with Ecstatic Visions, to round out the lineup. This tour is happening right before the Decibel Magazine tour. You should go to both of those because the lineups are 8/8 pretty great mate.

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