Politics and music frequently go hand-in-hand, but doing it well can be a difficult task to pull off, particularly without stirring some controversy in the process. Take, for example, Orange County’s Stick To Your Guns, who have ruffled a few feathers with their politically-charged video for ‘What Choice Did You Give Us?’, the second track to be released from the forthcoming album Disobedient. The video is animated brilliantly, turning a microscope on hot button world issues like war, pollution, and most recently, police brutality. Check it out after the jump.


The band has taken to their social media sites to encourage fans to find local protests and demonstrations, as you can see in their Facebook post below.

It’s unclear as to whether the band harnessed the recent acquittals in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases for the video’s creative vision or if it was merely an afterthought, considering the song was most likely written and recorded beforehand. Either way, it’s a striking display of passion and rebelliousness in the face of injustice. Fans appear to be divided, some wishing the band would stick to the music while others praise them for…sticking to their guns. How do you feel? Feel free to weigh in down in the comments.

Disobedient is due for release 2/10/15 via Sumerian Records.



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