It’s Been A While Since We Shared with You “Shit Brian Shields Should Hear”

The world is filled with music, some of it great some less so. So find out the latest collection of “Shit Brian Shields Should Hear” and maybe you should too

9 years ago


The world is filled with music, some of it great some less so. So find out the latest collection of “Shit Brian Shields Should Hear” and maybe you should too after the jump.

Welcome back to our exercise in musical serendipity also known as “Shit Brian Shields Should Hear”. Just about every day people message me on Facebook or post links in our SBSSH Facebook Page with things for me to scope out. Some of it is brilliant, some of it is quite frankly a collection of clunkers. Try these suggestions out and hope you find something new to love.

Shit Brian Shields Should Hear:

Michael J Gedling suggests The Distance Traveled with “Within Sight”

Michael Smith says Miazma “was recorded by the same guy that does Ne Obliviscaris

Former Rings of Saturn Frontman Peter Pawlak is now involved in yet another project, Avarice

My friend Josh Frampton recommends Eyes Wide Opium by The Dail Thundering Concept

Miles Dimitri Baker shares his new playthrough video for Interloper

Maxime Hacquard sends this link to a new video from his band My Hidden Sin

Zaqq Fickas recommends Thorns of Acanthus which he describes as “Melodic doom/ black metal”

Takei Whiff suggests Demolition Hammer

Tate Anderson says Sedlec Ossuary is from the same town as Diskreet which is good enough for me.

Luis Neto says Shell from Oceanic is Shit Brian Shields Should Hear

Sanja Kumar offers a glimpse of Kumar.

Chevance Smith posted The Cursed Earth by Spawning Abhorrence

Jon Morris reminds us of the brilliance of Modesto California’s Remains of the Tyrant

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Matthew Widmer says Lykathea Aflame is “Interesting black metal with Egyptian and Middle Eastern influences. They even have a song with black metal composed to birds.”

Rhys-Dalton Powell likes Revealer by Casino

Lacier Diaz says check out ICS Vortex because it’s “good proggy metal”

Jack Fliegler says Singularity is “Symphonic Black / Tech Death Metal”

Adam Shepard says Dauden i Morke is “Symphonic metal from Michigan, produced by me and mastered by Jamie King!!”

Tyler Cole messages to say Jon Gomm “this guy is so weird and creative. May be too soft but you will at least appreciate his dexterity and off the beaten path style.”

Kevin Markin recommends “US Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal” band Deep Sea Thunderbeast

Just what the world needs, another “Saturn” band but Alex Molin says I should hear Lords of Saturn

Landon James says I will dig “Crazy Technical Deathgrind” act Priapus

Shane Hunt-Dussé says Floral is “Math rock that is hopelessly underrated. Maybe you can help it turn some heads.”

D. Todd Farnham says he plays “Atmospheric / Progressive Black Metal” in Amiensus

And that will do it for the latest batch of “Shit Brian Shields Should Hear”. If you think there’s something I should hear and share here in a future post, please go to the SBSSH Facebook page.

— BS

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Published 9 years ago