the faceless geoff ficco by nick budosh

Despite their sizable fanbase (for death metal standards) and acclaim, The Faceless have been wrought with lineup woes since their inception. With each new album cycle comes a new batch of musicians centered around sole remaining founding member Michael Keene (guitars, vocals), and it appears that this time around is no different. The lineup that formed around the release of Autotheism has now completed its dissolution as frontman Geoff Ficco has announced that he is parting ways with The Faceless.

Said Ficco of his decision to exit the band:

“After nearly four years with the band, I have decided to leave The Faceless to pursue new opportunities. Thank you to the fans of the band, as well as the past and present members of The Faceless, for the unforgettable experience. One of the projects I will now have more time to focus on is my black metal band Ys, which just released an album in November. Thanks everybody.”

This continual shifting in lineup doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the longevity of the band that actually helped in my transition to death metal fandom, but Keene has pulled in together from scratch before. In fact, according to a recent Facebook post teasing a new lineup announcement and two shows in Texas, it appears that he is doing just that.

So don’t give up the faith just yet.

[story via Lambgoat; photo by Nick Budosh]

– JR

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