ingested the architect of extinction

Having straddled the lines between deathcore, brutal death metal, and slam since their inception, Ingested have consistently delivered brutal offerings from across the pond. Their upcoming third full-length, The Architect of Extinction, has been marketed as the culmination of their past stylistic experiments, with vocalist Jason Evans describing the project as the band’s “Most definitive work to date.” And with the release of a lyric video for ‘The Divine Right of Kings,’ the album’s opening track, you can assess this statement’s validity for yourself after the jump.


The track certainly bears Ingested’s typical style, from Evans’ distinct vocals to the band’s brutal precision to their typically graphic lyrics and album artwork. Fans of any of the aforementioned genres will find enjoyment here and should look for the album when it is released on January 12th by Century Media Records. Further information regarding pre-orders will be posted once it is made available.


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