The second in an ongoing series of prank videos performed and documented by Protest the Hero vocalist Rody Walker dropped yesterday on the frontman’s Twitter account. Astutely titled “Shitty Pranks on Mike”, the video delivers what it promises. Though significantly less elaborate than Drum Clinic Sneak wherein Walker dawns a disguise and crashes a drum clinic hosted by friend and bandmate Mike Ieradi, the sequel carries a common theme: the torment of Ieradi (who is the band’s newest full-time member) through a series of poorly-executed pranks. What this video lacks in faux soul patches, it makes up for in dirty undergarments and implied urine assaults. See what all the mischief is about after the jump.


Has Rody gone too far? Have his cruel actions sparked a full-on prank war? Let’s hope so. If we’ve learned one thing from this video, it’s that Mike will not take the abuse lying down. Keep your eyes locked on Walker’s Twitter and/or YouTube pages for the upcoming release of the much-anticipated third installment in the series, tentatively titled “The Hunt for the iPad”.



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