It’s 2015 already, in case you haven’t noticed. I kid, but in a very real sense, 2015 is already looming around the corner, with releases slated for the beginning of the year getting very close indeed. Prominent among them is the upcoming album by veteran thrash/metalcore/whatever band, Sylosis, gearing up for 13th of January release of Dormant Heart. We can now check out a very cool animated video for a track off that album, ‘Leech’. Head on over the jump to do so!

Nuclear Blast, in all their implacable marketing wisdom, has decided to turn off embeds for the video so just head on over here to watch it. It’s pretty cool, featuring gritty renditions of the band performing the track and an occult back story that’s pretty cliche but also kind of endearing. The track itself is killer, especially the part near the end where they all good just a little bit more sludge. I like sludge, in case you hadn’t noticed.

Anyway, you can pre-order Dormant Heart right here. 2015 nears! Prepare yourselves.



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