fall of troy

This is a very exciting day. Why, you ask? Well, on this day, we have the pleasure of hearing a brand new The Fall of Troy track! In fairly high quality audio (As far as phone recordings from the audience go) no less. User hipsandharts posted a video of the band playing the new song at their gig at Trees in Dallas, Texas. If you think you’re ready, check it out after the jump.


It’s definitely the same band that we’ve come to know and love, but there’s a little something extra in there, as well. Maybe a little overlap from Thomas Erak‘s other project Just Like Vinyl? Who can really say? Overall, the track sounds like it could have been a lost track from the Manipulator sessions, which I am more than okay with. I can’t wait to hear more new songs and see what else the band has to bring to the table. In this magical world where the band is back together and excited about new material, truly anything could happen.



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