Machine Head - Night of Long Knives

With so much amazing metal already released this year, it’s hard to believe there’s still a few more releases that could still make their way into a coveted spot on many writers’ year-end lists. One of these releases is the highly anticipated new album from Machine Head, entitled Bloodstones and Diamonds. The band has been keeping the lid on the album pretty tight as far as releasing new music goes, but with only a week until its release, it’s about time they unveil another new cut from the album…and unveil one they have! Listen to the crushing “Night of Long Knives” after the jump.

Dat monolithic groove. Dat Colin Richardson mix. Seriously, this album is going to destroy. Simply put, this song screams classic Machine Head. You can’t talk about the new wave of American heavy metal without mentioning Machine Head in some capacity, and while The Blackening is considered a true classic of the movement, Bloodstones and Diamonds could very well dethrone it. The Manson family theme of this particular song is also interesting, and it makes me wonder what kinds of other topics and themes Machine Head will explore on this album. Thankfully, I only have to wait a week to find out.

Pre-order Bloodstones and Diamonds here. If you don’t pre-order it, be sure to pick it up next Monday when it drops.

– AL


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