Entombedcore Update – Black Breath to Enter Studio with Kurt Ballou

Black Breath are among the legion of newer bands whose Entombed and Dismember back patches take up the most space on their jean vests. Southern Lord Recordings has now announced that they will continue to support the band’s creative residency in Sweden with their upcoming third album, slated for an early 2015 release. As they have done with their past two albums, the band have selected Kurt Ballou of Converge (a more or less obligatory choice for bands playing entombedcore) to produce this currently untitled project. No further news has been made available as of right now, so look for more updates during their late-November to mid-December stint in the studio. In the meantime, check out their video for “Home of the Grave” from their most recent release, Sentenced to Life after the jump.

Alternatively, you could simply check out Left Hand Path or Like an Ever Flowing Stream instead…just a thought.



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