TToL - Downbeat

As previously reported, Aussie experimental post-metalheads Tangled Thoughts of Leaving are soon releasing the lead single of their yet-unnamed sophomore LP, ‘Downbeat,’ in the form of a new EP. The Downbeat EP will contain two tracks north of 18 minutes, including the reportedly noisey b-side ‘Demise.’ Well, there are a few new pieces of information about the EP, first in the album art (seen above) done by artist Teo Treloar. Second, the EP will officially be available this Friday, October 31 so you have a ready-made soundtrack to your Halloween antics. And third, the band have released a minute-and-a-half preview of the EP via Youtube, which you can see after the jump!


With the way the video/audio is cut it’s hard to tell whether the music is all from the same track or if it’s split between the two, but what’s for sure is that this EP will be highlighting the more experimental/noisier side of the band, which I am 100% for. I love the sustained groove of the first half, and the raucous outbursts (accompanied by some fine live footage) has me excited for the band really getting aggressive and letting loose.

You can bet I’ll be talking about Downbeat a week from now, and if this is your first time hearing TToL, then please familiarize yourself with them asap because they are simply creating some of the most fascinating instrumental metal out there right now.


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