ne obliviscaris citadel

Over the past few months, Ne Obliviscaris have been whetting the appetite for their impending second album, Citadel, by releasing a number of its movements for public consumption, and on hearing these teasers, it was difficult to conclude anything other than that the album would be something special. More info and the stream after the jump!

Having spent the last two weeks or so listening to it non-stop, I can tell you that in my view, something special it certainly is; another mind-blowing addition to the veritable feast of incredible progressive and technical extreme metal that is 2014.

However, why take my word for it when you can just listen to the entire album yourself, for while the album is not slated for release until 7 November 2014, it is now streaming in full right here!

We’ll have our review of the album posted shortly, but I think you’ll discover pretty quickly that it is no re-run of the band’s debut, Portal of I.  So, go and take a listen, then feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!



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