When it was announced that avant-garde composer Scott Walker would be collaborating with drone-doom titans Sunn O))), the general reaction was one of intrigue. Walker had appeared on the track “Alice” from Sunn O)))‘s album Monoliths & Dimensions, so the opportunity to hear this match-up over the course of a full length project tantalized the imaginations of experimentally inclined listeners. The final project, entitled Soused, can now be purchased through 4AD Records here, and in addition, Scott O))) has released a video for the opening track, “Brando,” which can be viewed after the jump.

Director Gisèle Vienne certainly aimed to fulfill Walker‘s description of “Brando” as “A song of unfulfilled…[and] masochistic longing.” Both the song and video are stirring and strange, and fans of either group can arrive at both a visual and sonic consensus of whether Scott O)) is a new super-group or 2014’s Lulu.


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