Progressive and technical death metal act Beyond Creation were lauded by many as being one of the best acts in the genre, even when they were only one album deep into their discography. 2011’s The Aura put the band on the map with one of the best debut albums in recent memory, earning them a spot on Season of Mist’s roster and a much sought-after and quickly sold-out vinyl release from Blood Music. Finally, the act are on the cusp of proving they aren’t victims of the sophomore slump with Earthborn Evolution, which is streaming now via Lambgoat.

And indeed, Earthborn Evolution is every bit as impressive as their debut. Angular melo-tech riffing, (relatively) catchy songwriting, and commanding bass presence will likely put Beyond Creation on many best-of lists come year-end. Fortunately, this time around, you won’t have to wait two years for a vinyl release. Season of Mist has that and more available for pre-order on their official website.

Earthborn Evolution will be available October 28th in North America.

– JR


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