I’ve had the Revocation album for a little under a month now, and it’s been on constant rotation since I got it. I can safely say that it’s definitely the band’s work, and combines a little bit of everything that made their last 4 releases fantastic and put it into a pot to make what will surely become on of the best albums of 2014. Unfortunately, many of my friends have been left in the dust, unable to hear more than just the singles the band released over the past few weeks. Well, fret not! Now you can stream the new record in full! Check it out after the jump!

Revolver Magazine have the exclusive stream for this one.Once you’re done listening, you’ll understand why the hype is truly real about this album. This band constantly amaze and it’s no surprise that they’ve just gotten better with each release. Be sure to pick up the album when it drops tomorrow via Metal Blade Records!


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