Philadelphia shoegaze upstarts Nothing have premiered a new track (through Vogue, oddly enough) from their split 12″ with Whirr coming out on Run For Cover Records November 17th. The Track is called ‘July the Fourth’ and it is pretty damn heavy, much like the bands debut album Guilty of Everything, which I enjoyed quite a bit. Take a slow dive into the track after the jump.


“I guess it’s just about being hung up on something,” lead guitarist Brandon Setta told Vogue. “And using any method, no matter how extreme, to erase it from your brain just to obtain some sort of freedom.” This song continues the bands policy of making a song as hooky as possible with both the instrumentals and the vocal melodies. Once again, as on their debut album, the hooks sneak up on you. I’ve found myself humming the vocal melodies in the chorus at least three times since I first listened and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon.



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