Schoenberg Automation interview
The Schoenberg Automaton are one of the best new deathcore/death metal acts to come around. Their debut Vela is a personal favorite of mine, as well as of a few other staff members here at the blog. The band recently announced their relocation to Canada (eh?) to help become an even bigger band and due to the ease of touring the US and Canada. I spoke with Shayne Johnson about the move and the new album. Check it out below!

So what made you guys choose Canada over the US?

At the moment, the free trade agreements between Canada and Australia make it incredibly easy and attractive for us to set up shop in Canada.

What made you guys come to the decision to relocate?

We’re a very goal driven band, and every since its inception, we hoped to at least be able to play a show in every state and territory in Australia. In April 2014, we finally completed that by playing a festival in Alice Springs, in the heart of Australia. Most of us wanted to live abroad, so we decided to so something about it.

How have you prepared and for how long?

It’s been in preparation for quite a long time and in our heads for even longer. Adventure waits for no one.

How about the new album? Any news regarding that?

It’s recorded and being mixed as we speak. We’re so excited.

You guys must be stoked! Will you guys be touring soon?

We can’t wait to see what we can achieve, make some new fans along the away and play everywhere we can!


Be on the lookout for a new album soon. In the meantime, help the guys out by buying their debut so that they can make sure they can be ready to tour!


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