Australia – BBQs. Beaches for miles. Kangaroos. Brutal death metal.

This year will already see the release of one Aussie death monstrosity with Disentomb dropping the much anticipated Misery very soon (expect a glorifying review from myself or some one else here!) and thanks to Disentomb themselves I have been made aware of yet another promising down under death metal act. Gouge be their name, and brutal fucking death metal be their game. You know how it works, get more after the hop!

Gouge are the East Coast neighbors of Disentomb and share the bands guts and all approach to death metal. Where Disentomb are maybe more technically minded and have that classic death metal sound, Gouge bring the slams and gutturals like they have been on the scene for eons. The band formed in high school in 2011 (I was already 21 by then, thanks for making me feel my age!) and since then have been gigging and writing the material that will be featured on their Skull & Bones/Total Deathcore debut release Kicked Teeth.

‘Kicked Teeth Asphyxiation’ is the first track from the EP and it does not beat around the bush. Once the hilarious soundbite (comment below if you recognize where it’s from, please) is out of the way Gouge show what they’ve got to offer with subterranean growls and precision riffing. The variety of tempo changes in the song keep it interesting and the beatdown at the end is perfect. The middle of the song has a really surprising change up of the vocals right before it kicks back into the violence. Laugh at the lyrics all you want but this is a killer death metal song.


Kicked Teeth will be out soon so get on the bands Facebook and keep an eye out for more news!



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