worseThe last time most metal fans saw or heard from Peter Pawlak, the singer was summoning his “minions” as the original vocalist for Rings of Saturn.  His new project after the jump.

Now Pawlak is back in the music world as the front-man for San Francisco-based grind band worse.

“It’s been almost three years since I left Rings, and in that time I have been quite busy uncovering bits and pieces of information about myself that I had formerly neglected to recognize,” Peter tells me.  “My main focus during this period has been on my studies at San Francisco State University. Consequently, I have fallen off the radar a bit musically, though I hope for that to change now that worse is up and running.”

Worse is up and running with a new six-song EP called s/t.  Short, fast, and angry, worse.  is a long ways from RoS.

“My participation in worse stems from my own personal shift in musical taste. Whilst in the past I was impressed by aspects of music such as technical playing ability or how heavy/’brutal’ something sounded, nowadays I find myself drawn to music that captures an emotion or feeling in an authentic way. Worse gives me room to put more of myself into the music and I think that comes through in the material. It has long been a goal/desire of mine to do vocals in a band that I myself am truly passionate about and that has never happened until now.”

All of this worse grind involves Peter with his three housemates, Derek Kanowsky (DJ Darrell/deej) on guitar, Jack Lyons (Jackie Broadway/jack ‘n apes) on drums, and Christian Huft-Robbins (CEEJ) on bass.

“When I moved into Coitus Tower (our place of residence) in late January of this year, the four of us had this wild idea that forming a band and playing music could turn out to be pretty fun, and so, we all held hands for a while and collaboratively gave birth to WORSE.”

I made the mistake of asking Peter about the songwriting process.

“(It) is relatively straightforward: the four of us will go to a misty, isolated forest and feed each other all sorts of different raw vegetables in silence. From there, we all take our shoes off and Derek shows us a riff or an idea he has and we’ll build on that.”

But seriously, couldn’t they have picked a better name than worse?

“The original idea was to call the band BEST but then we realized that we’re not good, so logically, worse became the best option,” Peter says with tongue firmly planted in cheek.  Worse hopes to keep making music and playing shows and hopefully do a West Coast tour next year.

“Also, huge shout out to our friends in MOMS, an incredibly catchy trio of music makers from right here in San Francisco. Check ’em out and expect a WORSE/MOMS split in the near future!”

Here is s/t from worse.

[bandcamp width=400 height=340 album=2994165959 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 artwork=small]


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