at war with reality

It’s nearly unbelievable. We’re a week into September 2014 and we are actively anticipating a new album from the godfathers of melodic death metal as we know it, At The Gates. The long-awaited return At War With Reality — their first new record in 17 years! — now has a release date set for October 27th, but does the group still have it after all these years? It’s too soon to tell, but get a glimpse at some new music via the album’s trailer after the jump.

Seems promising enough! Along with the teaser, At War With Reality‘s full tracklist has been announced and is as follows:

01 – “El Altar Del Dios Desconocido”
02 – “Death And The Labyrinth”
03 – “At War With Reality”
04 – “The Circular Ruins”
05 – “Heroes And Tombs”
06 – “The Conspiracy Of The Blind”
07 – “Order From Chaos”
08 – “The Book Of Sand (The Abomination)”
09 – “The Head Of The Hydra”
10 – “City Of Mirrors”
11 – “Eater Of Gods”
12 – “Upon Pillars Of Dust”
13 – “The Night Eternal”

Century Media are sparing no expense when it comes to this much sought-after return. A plethora of pre-order options are available now at CM Distro. Hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer to get a full track stream!

– JR

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