So, in case you’ve missed it, The Haunted are back. I know they didn’t really go anywhere, but they’re back to their roots. While I liked former vocalist Peter Dolving’s take on the band and their slower, groovier albums; The Haunted were always about aggressive thrash to me, and Marco Aro was the defining vocalist of their sound. Well, Marco is back in the band, and so is the old sound! And they’re working on an album as well. Also worth noting is that Feared/Six Feet Under guitarist/producer and Youtube gear demo legend Ola Englund is also in the band now. This is all old news for some, so what’s new? They have a video and a new song! Check it out after the jump.

Yep, it’s good old Haunted from the Made Me Do It/One Kill Wonder era. Angry, non-stop riffing and Marco Aro’s trademark intense vocals. Color me excited. Their new album Exit Wounds will be on Century Media early next month.



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