It’s nice to see that the forefathers of death metal are keeping up so well with the legions of young bands they themselves have influenced. Between last year’s Surgical Steel from Carcass and Colored Sands from Gorguts, the old school guys have proved that they are still just as relevant today as they were 20 years ago, and we can yet another band to this list of revived monarchs: Obituary. The legendary death metal outfit is set to release their eighth studio album, entitled Inked In Blood, on Oct. 28 through Relapse Records, and for those clamoring to hear some new music from these death metal juggernauts, an album trailer has been released for your listening pleasure, containing samples of three tracks off of the upcoming opus. Listen after the jump.


These brief samples sound like vintage Obituary, which is certainly not a bad thing. These guys are masters of groovy, down-tempo, crunchy death metal, and Inked In Blood sounds likes it will deliver more of that signature Obituary sound, albeit in a more modern context. Relapse has promised that pre-orders for the album, as well as a full song, will go live sometime very soon.

We also reported last week that Obituary are heading out on the “Inked In Steel” North American tour alongside Carcass, ExhumedMacabre and Noisem starting at the end of October, and it’s likely they’ll be mixing in some new material with some classics for their set. If you have to chance to see this tour, do not miss it.



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