full of hell merzbow

When they’re not writing their typically super pissed-off amalgam of hardcore and grind, Full of Hell can be found dabbling in harsh noise. Given their forrays into that strange world of off-putting ambiance and a strong knack for making a racket, it comes as no surprise that they would eventually cross paths with Merzbow, an oft-collaborative and elusive artist that deals almost exclusively in noise compositions.

A teaser trailer hinting at the direction of the collaboration has been made available, and it sounds pretty much exactly what one would expect; dark, ambient, and in the vicinity of noise. This might pair well with this year’s other powerhouse ambient collaboration in Sunn O))) & Ulver‘s Terrestrials. It’s a good year to be a fan of this sort of avant garde music.


Full of Hell & Merzbow will be released this November through Profound Lore.

– JR

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