A while ago, we told you about Mirrelia and a new track they had released in anticipation of a new EP. Well, that EP is now here and it definitely delivers on the promise of the first track. Blending a progressive approach to drums and overall structure with heavier segments that pack plenty of aggression, Mirrelia have a faint Karnivool vibe blending with some of the heavier works of Protest the Hero. Check out the full EP after the jump!


We were already familiar with the first track, ‘Six Over Seven’, but any chance to re-hear the brilliant guest spot by Kris Rose is welcomed. The track still kicks well, even after repeated listens, setting the emotional stage for the rest of the EP. The second track, ‘Nurse December’, is much heavier, featuring a sweet breakdown and harsher vocals. For me however, ‘Absences’, being the last track, completely takes the cake. The Karnivool vibe as its most noticeable, especially in the beginning lines. The vocals only get better as one progresses through the track, featuring an interesting blend between the harsher vocals and cleans near the middle. Ending on an emotional high note, the track certainly leaves us with a taste for more from these guys.

You can snag the EP over at the band’s bandcamp, for free! If it’s got you itching for more, rumor has it that a full release, named The Director,  is on the horizon. Stay tuned for more developments!



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