Metalcore mainstays August Burns Red have released a new music video for their emotional yet rockin’ jam, ‘Beauty in Tragedy’ which appears on last year’s excellent Rescue and Restore. The video was filmed on their last UK tour and features awesome live footage of the band doing what they do best. Watch the video after the jump.


We didn’t really cover Rescue and Restore much on the site last year, but it’s an album that’s definitely worth your time. August Burns Red have always been great at what they do, and Rescue and Restore sees the band at their finest. ‘Beauty in Tragedy’ is a perfect example of just how much the band has progressed in their career. They have become increasingly adept songwriters, and Rescue and Restore is probably the most “progressive” they’ve ever been. If you like what you hear and haven’t had a chance to hear the album in full yet, then go check it out!

– AL


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