After a substantial wait since their last offering through Deathwish, Inc., Blacklisted have confirmed that their fourth album through the seminal hardcore label is forthcoming. Now, first of all, Blacklisted are awesome. The naysayers who thought that No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me was a complete turn around for the band clearly have too much hardcore in their blood. Whether it is the bitter grunge Blacklisted that turn up on this new album or the more familiar shovel fisted, hardcore dancing Blacklisted, the band get people excited so keep your eyes peeled.

I can’t think of another band who so dramatically changed tone, tempo and style between just three full lengths and only four years between them. The band are fresh from destroying the Deathwish Fest and This Is Hardcore so one can wonder if they are going back to their grim, sardonic hardcore roots. Either way, Deathwish have yet another string on their bow of releases in 2014. Someone stop this label from being so awesome already?!



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