In the day and age of videos like Cattle Decapitation‘s ‘Forced Gender Reassignment’, nothing is shocking anymore. Still, Austria’s blackened death metal warriors Belphegor dropped an appropriately unsettling video yesterday with enough blood, horror, and Satan to entertain the whole family! The video features the title track off latest Nuclear Blast offering ‘Conjuring the Dead’, due out August 5th (NA), 8th (EU), and 11th (UK/FR).


Musically, the song trudges along at a mid pace, perhaps more appealing for the average metal Joe, but lacking in dynamics and speed for this writer. Nonetheless, it packs a powerful punch and is an effective counterpart for the visuals. I will reserve judgment of the album until I’ve heard the entire thing, but a little birdie told me it’s classic Belphegor and will not disappoint. Time will tell.


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