The UK’s finest symphonic metal export Xerath have just unleashed a short documentary on their YouTube channel, detailing the recording process of their third effort for Candlelight Records, Xerath III. This is the third video in the campaign for the album; the first being the announcement of new guitarist Conor McGouran and the second being a teaser announcing the release date of Xerath III, to be released September 15 in Europe and September 16 in the US. Check it out after the jump!


The video highlights the process of finding a replacement for the departed Owain Williams, and the introduction of McGouran, as well as members discussing the tracking process. Unlike most ‘making of’ videos, there isn’t much in the way of actual tracking clips or audio, which may leave something to be desired. Nonetheless, these videos are always interesting, so we encourage you to give it a few minutes of your time and anticipate the release of Xerath III. Stay tuned for more updates as these unfold nearer the official release date.



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