Within the Ruins Phenomena Preview
Within the Ruins 
have had a bumpy ride. From the heights of their first iterations to the disappointment from Elite, they have certainly had to shoulder their fair share of criticism. However, they have also enjoyed the undying loyalty of many fans. As the band looks towards a new release, will they be able to recapture some of the power and authenticity that garnered them their original success? That remains to be seen but the first part to an answer can now be found online, as the band are streaming their new album in full over at AP. Check it out!

We’ll be publishing our review of the album in the next few days, hopefully as soon as tomorrow. I can tell you that there was much heated debate in the staff group regarding the quality of this album and where it stands in relation to Elite. The review will naturally reflect a part of that debate and the views expressed therein. As always, we urge you to check the album out for yourself and make up your own mind. Is this a band with a bright future ahead of them or a band struggling to grasp former success?

Phenomena releases tomorrow via eOne Music.



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