Post-hardcore/loud-everything (that’s a genre now) band Baby Godzilla, are really something. Something which should be cranked up to 11 and blasted in the direction of anyone not moshing hard enough. All jokes aside, their music is quite good, blending hardcore sensibilities with intense groove. The band have just released a clip for their single ‘The Great Grindcore Swindle’. I could describe the video or you can just head over after the jump and check it out.


This video is awesome. It echoes Red Fang‘s ‘Prehistoric Dog’ in its stupid violence and dedication to costume making. My favorite is the samurai, although you can’t deny that those electric boxing gloves look brilliant and devastating at the same time. If you’re so inclined, you can head over to label Ambush Reality and pick up the vinyl version or purchase digitally over at iTunes. While you’re at, head on over to the band’s bandcamp and get educated. Or drunk.


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