The Fine Constant
Last week our own Randy Edwards put his body on the line to film a typically intense and physical set from Trash Talk. This week he’s back with a far more subdued, though equally impressive (and far more noodly) video from Wisconsin’s The Fine Constant. The Fine Constant formed in May of 2012 when guitarist Sarah Longfield looked to form a band so she could begin performing her solo material on the road. Their moody and sometimes sporadic set left the crowd nothing short of speechless, as they progressed through a flurry of songs, often times not announcing song names before they started. There really is no need for words, the music travels through vast soundscapes, and lets the imagination wander. The band is taking a short break after this recent short tour, presumably to focus on the songwriting process. Until then, enjoy this live video of ‘Pari Passu’ after the jump.


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