faith no more

It would seem dreams really do come true with the ridiculous number of acts in the past few years putting their differences aside and regrouping in an effort to make new music. Faith No More are the latest, following short but cryptic rumblings from a new Twitter account, playing two brand new tracks and two recent festival dates in England and Poland.

Footage naturally crawled it’s way onto the net and MetalSuck has graciously compiled some of the better versions for your listening pleasure.



I’m always wary about bands with near perfect back catalogues getting back together to add a new chapter to the collection, but this genuinely sounds like it would be an amazing addition. Even the rhythmic and moody second track, seemingly going by the name ‘Motherfucker‘ harkens back to a sound they were tinkering with somewhere between tracks like ‘RV‘ or ‘Malpractice‘.

This bodes well.

– DL


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