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I listen to so much metal, that sometimes I get sick of it. I’d rather put on some nice jazz or electronic music than listen to more metal. I

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I listen to so much metal, that sometimes I get sick of it. I’d rather put on some nice jazz or electronic music than listen to more metal. I think that my taste is highly diverse, and extremely different from my tastes 5 years ago. Today, this small feature is not about a metal artist, but about a very talented industrial/electronic artist who goes by Morgue. Morgue is a main cast member on AMC’s show “Freakshow”, where the cast members perform stunts such as sword swallowing, deep skin piercing, and so on. This young freak also happens to have a music project that is just getting off the ground, and the first song released by him is entitled “Cult Of Dreams“. Listen after the jump!

It’s dark, busy, and super heavy. I like how he’s able to mix a Nine Inch Nails style with some heavy electronic stuff and some light dub elements. It really gives the song an added effect after multiple listens. I caught up with Morgue to talk about his future in the music industry and any future releases he plans on doing.

How has the reception to your demo been?

My demos have been incredibly well received by my fans as well as those in the music industry. I originally created these tracks as an emotional release, for my own cathartic purposes. I have been very pleased with the excellent response they have gotten since releasing them to the public on my YouTube,Facebook,Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Where do you see your future with this musical project in the coming year or so?

Time will tell. I will be releasing new demos periodically via my social networking pages and gauging the response. If they continue to be so well received then I will consider making this a high priority project of mine and begin releasing music consistently and look into the possibility of live performances in the future.

What are your main influences when writing?

My major influences are not at all musical but philosophical. Philosophy is the major influence in all of my projects. For example, my demo “Suicide” is about Nihilism (The belief that life is meaningless) and the trigger pulling thoughts that often accompany such a system of thought. I, myself, was in such a suicidal place when I wrote that track. Suicide and depression are major issues today and is a result of the disgusting, backwards state that our world is in as well as mainstream thought systems broadcasting to the public that their existence is meaningless.

“Cult of Dreams” is all about mind and matter duality and the preconceptions many people have towards the shadowy organizations that have such views. It, of course, touches on other things as well as many people accusing me of being a brain washer and a cult leader. Which is absurd since the reality is quite contrary.

Musical influences would include: Diamanda Galas, The Birthday Party, Einsturzende Neubauten, Peter Murphy, The Sisters of Mercy, Metallica and Marilyn Manson.

You mix a lot of different styles together. Is that one of your main goals?

I suppose so. I have noticed there is a void in the musical genres today, I wasn’t particularly liking anything new coming out so I created something that I would enjoy listening to. I want to bring back the edge, the danger, the passion and the meaning that seemed to be so alive during the 90’s and before. I take elements of goth, industrial and even metal and put it into a modern, electronic format.

I may get some criticism from metal enthusiasts here, but I think that my tracks have a metal “attitude” even if there are no live instruments. I want to create heavy, meaningful music that will challenge most people’s preconceptions about electronic music. I am happy to report that many people who usually hate electronic music like and listen to my work.

I have heard many musicians complaining that some electronic genres are just noise and its’ not “real music”. I find this ironic. I remember when I was growing up people saying the metal is not real music and that it is just noise. Music is for everyone to be expressed in whatever way we like, there should not be any rules in music. Rules and art do not get along. The realm of chaos is reserved for art.

Another complaint I have heard is that certain types of electronic music takes no skill to create. It may not take the dexterity of a guitarist but, from “Cult of Dreams” onwards I shape all of the sounds myself from a basic wavetable. To shape and modulate sounds is a very skilled and involved process. I study trigonometry (and other branches of mathematics) to better understand sinusoidal waves and further my sound sculpting abilities (as well as to augment my understanding of Quantum mechanics). Did you know that some would say that this “physical” reality is made of nothing but sinusoidal waves?

I intend to increase the amplitude.

What are your favorite albums from this year?

To be completely honest I have not listened to any new albums this year. When I create music I try not to listen to anything new so that I am not influenced.

What can we expect from you in the coming months, both professionally and musically?

As you might know I am an extreme stunt artist, adept in such skills as sword swallowing, regurgitation, and many other acts involving hypodermic needles, skewers, meat hooks, power drills, circular saws etc. You can certainly expect my continued performances in those areas. I am also a philosopher so you can expect writings on consciousness, hyperawareness, the nature of reality and the coming paradigm shift. Musically you can look forward to more demos released on my social networking pages.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Make sure to keep up to date on my social networking pages for new demos, videos of my stunts and philosophy:




Instagram: @MorgueOfficial

I don’t half ass anything. If I decide to make music a main priority you can expect an auditory revolution. I will put the edge back in music. If reality is made up of nothing but sinusoidal waves couldn’t reality be thought of as an infinitely complex song? Enter my world.


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