Swedish SID metal group Machinae Supremacy, who recently headlined their largest show to date at MAGFest XII, have unveiled the release date and title for their upcoming album!

August 22nd, 2014 is when you’ll be able to purchase Phantom Shadow in Central Europe, the 25th in the United Kingdom, and the 26th in North America. The album will again be released via UMG (Universal Music Group) and Spinefarm Records.

In addition, there will be 16 “tracks” on the album (presumably minute-or-shorter lead-ins to other tracks; best song estimate is about 11 to 13). And it’ll have a simultaneous launch on music streaming service Spotify!

Note that highly-anticipated-and-forgotten video game Titanfall had the same “Believe The Hype” tagline from a major outlet, but the band assures you that you should believe this hype.



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