As you by now well know, the new Monuments album represents a major step up not only for them but for their sub-genre as a whole. Intelligent, convincing and meticulously executed, The Amanuensis is very close to a masterpiece. One of the major forces behind this album, and the band as a whole, is guitarist John Browne. He is well known for his immaculate technique but also for his original and unique song writing. You can now witness both these qualities for yourself once again with the fourth installment in the series John has recently done for EMGtv. This time we are treated to my personal favorite from the new album, ‘Horcrux’. So what are you waiting for? Stream the whole thing after the jump!


On a more personal note, I recently got the chance to see these exceptional men play live at Download Festival. Their show was one of the highlights of the festival, no small feat considering the lineup. They’ll be touring the US soon, so make sure you head out to see them. I can guarantee that John, and the rest of the gang, sound just as good live and the energies they bring to the stage are exceptional.



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