Black Tusk
You probably already have a pretty good idea of what to expect here, right upon reading the name Black Tusk. The band has been relentless in its dedication to their particular sound, an even dirtier, swampier version of Kylesa or Baroness. This new release is no different, featuring two songs that ooze, scream and secrete dirty sludge. And you know what? That’s really not a bad thing. Head over to MetalSucks, who are streaming the new release, to drench yourself in this particular iteration of the Black Tusk rampage.

Both tracks obviously rely on fuzzy riffs and a no-holds-barred sensibility as far as tempo is concerned. Tapping deep into their punk roots, the vocals are violent and no-nonsense, pouring out in an endless stream. One should also mention the great artwork, done of course by the incomparable John Baizley. It really tells you all you need to know about the release, invoking all the themes of wild nature and occult power.

Vulture’s Eyes is now available to purchase on iTunes, while physical copies will be made available via veteran allies Hyperrealist Records.



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