In case there was any sort of doubt out there, the new Fallujah album The Flesh Prevails will likely be THE extreme metal album of the year. Without question. The group have absolutely blossomed over the years, finally hitting the sweet spot for their unique atmospheric death metal sound. Many bands try and fail to combine overtly brutal and technical musicianship with a calming and ethereal ambiance, and Fallujah are one of the few who have gotten it absolutely right so far. And given how young they are, the fact they’ve managed to reach such heights before they even release their sophomore album is telling of how promising this band really is.

‘Carved From Stone’, a brand new song for the group’s upcoming record The Flesh Prevails, is streaming over at Lambgoat, and it’s everything we had hoped it would be. Proggy riffing, powerful vocal delivery, lush guitar leads, and catchy songwriting for days. This is what death metal should have sounded like a decade ago, had Cynic and Atheist not broken up in the 90’s. Fallujah are making up for lost ground.

The Flesh Prevails is out July 22nd through Unique Leader Records. Pre-orders are available at this location.

– JR


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