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We can’t really blame you if you’ve never heard of Columns, though you should be paying more attention. The self-proclaimed “southern grindcore” outfit featuring Glass Casket/Wretched vocalist Adam Cody and former Hemdale guitarist Mike Lehmann signed to Relapse Records last year, showcasing a new track and promising a new album for early 2014. Now, over a year later, album details and a new track, appropriately titled, ‘Mudfucker,’ have been revealed.

The group’s full-length debut Please Explode will see release August 5th, and will feature the following tracks:

1. Mudfucker
2. Rattlesnake Steps
3. Punching Nancy Grace
4. Our Creation
5. Vicarious Living
6. Drifter Aftermath
7. The God Clause
8. Bottom Feeders
9. No One’s Fucking Waiting
10. Ungrateful
11. What You’ve Done Is Gone
12. A Blind Fight
13. Harmless Escape
14. A Guilty Bunch
15. Bear Molester
16. Laid Off For X-Mas
Stream the album’s opening track ‘Mudfucker’ below.
– JR

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