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It seems Septicflesh can do no wrong. I’m struggling to come up with a release of theirs that wasn’t great, but in particular the recent triumvirate of CommunionThe Great Mass and now Titan are on a whole new level. Taking the sheer bombastic brutality of symphonic death metal and upping the ante, Septicflesh seem to be able to churn out album after album of gold and, much like it’s predecessors, I won’t be surprised to see it turn on many a year end list come December.

The stream comes via Terrorizer, but just in case you don’t have time to hear all of it and don’t want to miss out, here’s a few personal highlights:

  • The title track ‘Titan‘ may take it a little easier on the orchestral elements in comparison to it’s neighbours, but it’s got a huge chorus — think ‘Eaten‘ or ‘Where The Slime Live‘.
  • Order Of Dracul‘ is pretty much quintessential Septicflesh and contains a surprising harpsichord and violin interlude, followed by military march-esque beatdown.
  • The opener ‘War In Heaven‘ finds the band leading with their best foot forward, complete with winding and churning riffs and string accompaniments.

Titan will drop on the 20th of June, through Season Of Mist.

– DL

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