Mastodon’s forthcoming album Once More ‘Round The Sun is set to alienate and enthrall in equal measurements, such is the way whenever they release a new album. There are many that found The Hunter to be a step backwards for the Atlanta four-piece, while others found it’s mix of prog and straight forward rock considerably refreshing after the monolithic Crack The Skye. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of Mastodon enjoyment you need to check out the new video for ‘High Road’, the second song to be debuted after the charmingly heavy ‘Chimes At Midnight’. Pitchfork have the exclusive premiere for this slugger of a tune.


This short film tells the tale of a young LARPer (if you don’t understand the acronym then you probably don’t listen to Mastodon) and the toils and tribulations of his world. Starting with a Game Of Thrones-esque vibe, the video then follows our young hero in his quest to beat the bad guy. In this case, he is taken under the wing of a wizened neighbor who trains him up into a pseudo killing machine. The video is fun and made really well while the song has meaty riffs and a completely mesmerizing chorus hook that you will be humming for days, presumably while rolling multi-sided die and wearing a helmet.

Once More ‘Round The Sun is released June 24th and is available for pre-order now. You can even purchase your pre-order with BitCoin! How quaint!




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