every time i die from parts unknown

Every Time I Die continue to leap from strength to strength with the release of a brand new video for ‘Decayin’ With The Boys‘, a track that you may remember started making the rounds a week or so ago. It’s a swaggering and sneering rager of a track that happily sits somewhere between the cut-throat aggression of Hot Damn! and the self-deprecating party anthems of Gutter Phenomenon. And, as it should, the video follows suit, complete with Beastie Boys references.

It’s a little NSFW and by a little I mean there’s full frontal male nudity without any real warning. Revolver don’t actually tell you that though, so I have a lot to explain to my work mates — don’t make the same mistake I did.


Regardless, this all bodes incredibly well for From Parts Unknown which could easily steal the spotlight for my record of the year, just like basically everything else they’ve put out before. Get ready for extreme gushings on my part come July 1st.

– DL

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