Within the Ruins - Phenomena

Yesterday, Within the Ruins revealed that their new album Phenomena was set to release on July 22nd of this year, and today it would seem they have unveiled a portion of the album artwork. It looks deceptively simple compared to the artwork from their previous albums, however, there are finer details in the background. These details include a pocket watch falling from a hand, and the arm that the hand is attached to is teeming with energy of some sort, much like the man on the cover for their previous effort Elite.

As another interesting tidbit of information, in the Facebook comments section on the band’s announcement post for the release date, a man said that he had a vocal lesson with vocalist Tim Goergen. During this lesson, he said that Tim told him that all the songs lyrically will be from the viewpoint of different Marvel/DC superheroes/villains. They’ve been performing a new song recently that gives credence to the statement, as it is undeniably from the viewpoint of Batman’s arch nemesis, The Joker. Tim speaks a part of the Joker’s famous monologue from Batman: The Killing Joke. You can listen to the song here:


This makes me very excited for the new album, and you should get excited, as well.


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