I have a needless sense of pride when it comes to Byzantine. The West Virginian-based prog/groove metal outfit literally lives pretty close to where I live, and while I live in Eastern Kentucky, I feel a sort of psuedo-hometown/state pride in that they are one of the few metal bands doing it right in Appalachia. The group had a mighty comeback last year with their crowd-fundded self-titled album, and it’s fortunately looking like we won’t have to wait long to hear a follow-up.

Here’s the word from Byz head honcho Chris Ojeda:
“It’s been very quiet here in the Byzantine camp, and for good reason. We have taken the last few months to write what will become our 5th studio album. Tomorrow will be our first rehearsal in almost 3 months. We will begin learning the new songs, adding personal touches and making them true Byzantine songs. 7 songs have been written so far. We most likely will be adding a few more new songs along the way as well. With our new bassist Sean Sydnor and lead guitarist Brian Henderson both making their Byzantine recording debut here, this album will surely be a departure from our previous efforts. Stay tuned for more updates. Recording will begin in September when engineer/producer Jay Hannon lands back in WV.”
Score! Hopefully this means they’ll be able to line up some new shows later this year as well.
– JR

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