full of hell

Full of Hell are the kind of grindcore that will leave you feeling like you need a tetanus shot, and if that wasn’t intense enough, the group often forgo all the riffing nonsense to get right down to brass tacks noise. The group’s dichotomous sound and killer live show has gotten them the attention of Profound Lore, where they will release their third full-length album, which will be a collaboration with renowned noise artist Merzbow.

Hopefully this collaboration serves as an in-between for Full of Hell’s range of sound. The group are often either noisey or grind-oriented, but rarely both simultaneously. Hopefully we get massively chaotic riffs and blasting drums under some churning drones and harsh noise. It’ll be an interesting collaboration regardless, and we can’t wait to hear the new music later this year, with vinyl being served by the group’s former label A389 Recordings.

More info when we get it.

– JR


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