Full of Hell - Rudiments of MutilationFull of Hell

Rudiments of Mutilation

01. Dichotomy
02. Vessel Deserted
03. Coven Of The Larynx
04. Throbbing Lung Fiber
05. Indigence And Guilt
06. Embrace
07. The Lord Is My Light
08. Bone Coral And Brine
09. Rudiments Of Mutilation
10. In Contempt Of Life

[A389 Records]

Hardcore, whilst seeming relatively simple, is a very hard language to master. It takes time, dedication, and that little something that can set you apart. Full Of Hell are one of today’s hardcore bands that have been on the fast track to mastery since their debut Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home, which was a great record. However, there were things that needed improvement, and their second full length would be the chance for the band to rectify all the missteps from their first album and make an even better record. A sophomoric album is usually the make or break for up-and-coming bands, and it usually does more breaking than making. The big question remained whether or not Full Of Hell would be able to rise to the occasion and persevere.

Upon the first listen, there is a noticeable difference from their first album, and in a very positive way. The band seemed to have finally found the perfect balance between their speedy, chaotic hardcore and their brooding, massive low tracks. On their debut, it felt as if sometimes the longer songs meandered on for a minute or so too long, but on Rudiments of Mutilation, they all seem to reach their apex before ending. There is no wasted space, no unnecessarily long feedback-laced outros, and the songs do not get boring. This effort feels more cohesive; more incorporated. It feels like a complete album, lacking any songs that could have been scrapped for the benefit of the record. It feels more like this record is what their first should have been.

The songs on this record are also a lot more memorable than on their debut. Hooks aren’t necessary, but there are riffs on riffs on riffs. You’ll be moshing from the second you hear this record until the second it ends, even through the sludge tracks. The album also encapsulates that “live” feel, by which it feels as though the band were all recording simultaneously in one room with room mics and armed with one roll of tape to record to. It feels as though the album could have been recorded in one take despite the songs not bleeding into one another throughout the entire album. The band have a way of making you understand the intensity without actually being there, and listening to this album will make you want to get up and start a one-man circle pit very quickly.

Even with all of these improvements, however, the album still seems to be missing something. While it is a major step up from their first record, there’s an eerie feeling that the band could have made their songs even better. Whether it be something like another riff, a different vocal line, etc. some songs feel incomplete, especially the shorter ones. The tables have turned; whereas on their first record the long songs were their weak point, on this record they are the strong point. Perhaps the band can now take the knowledge from their first album and apply it to the knowledge of this record and use it to create a really standout EP or new LP in the coming years, because it would be such a shame to see such a promising band with so much potential waste it, or not even use it at all. The album also ends too soon. It could have easily included another one or two, possibly even three, songs depending on the length.

Rudiments Of Mutilation is as angry as you can get whilst still having a diverse album structure. The band have kept all of their speed and aggression and improved significantly on their slow, churning nature. This is a good album from a very talented band. And hopefully with their third album they can come and make the perfect statement, improve on their flaws, and ultimately reach their fullest potential.


Full of Hell – Rudiments of Mutilation gets…


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