destrage are you kidding me

Destrage, not quite so hot on the heels off of releasing Are You Kidding Me? No., released a quite refreshing studio video this week. I slept on this one and missed it by a few days but this nearly 40 minute video chronicles the processes and individual efforts that went into the making of this stellar album. If you don’t speak Italian fear not for there are English subtitles (occasionally hilarious in their own right) for you to keep up with this super talented group of Mediterranean metal miscreants. We loved the album here at Heavy Blog and this is an eye opener into the not so controlled chaos that led to the creation of such a peculiar record.

Each band member is interviewed about the different steps of the recording process, with little in-jokes and digs at each other throughout. What is most notable is that they rely heavily on their producer and friend to help them create the most cohesive and complete record possible. Through tearing songs apart and throwing in sections that mash together, the dudes from Destrage show how certain songs from AYKMN came to fruition. Watching drummer Federico Paulovich in particular is a delight as some of the craziest fills on the album are broken down and witnessed here. The atmosphere in the studio reflects the finished product in that while being deadly serious musicians, the band had a lot of fun creating this. Bumblefoot also makes as brief a cameo in this video as he did on the album, where he laid down a guest solo.


If you haven’t already checked out Are You Kidding Me? No. then get on it as you are doing yourself a disservice. Metal Blades Italian representatives deserve your full attention.




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