Following on the heels of what was one of 2012’s most heartbreaking records, Anathema are set to release a new album soon named distant satellites. Being one of the spearheads of the transformation of doom and black bands into the realms of alternative rock and art pop, Anathema always have their own record to break in terms of emotions conveyed. The first single released from the upcoming album does not fall short. You can listen to it right here.

All the foundations of a contemporary Anathema release are present here. Vincent Cavanagh and Lee Dougals provide the remembered vocal mix, floating high and mighty above the unique piano-drum segment in the background. The track starts low and somber only to take off near the end into the soaring melodies we all expected. This single bodes well for the rest of the album, as Anathema look to build on recognized sounds into something new. Stay tuned as we near release date, our hearts are ready!

You can purchase the single right here via iTunes, including another track and a dynamic mix of this one.


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