suicide silence cease to exist

The death of vocalist Mitch Lucker in 2012 left doubts regarding the continued existence of Suicide Silence. While the death of any musician in our beloved metal community is a great sadness, many were simply not bothered if the band were to carry on making music or not. Ears pricked up again however when Hernan “Eddie” Hermida of All Shall Perish fame was announced as the new vocaist. As a big fan of both bands, I was relatively upbeat about this news and now, after waiting very patiently, we have our first taste of the new Suicide Silence and it is good. If you like Suicide Silence and Hermida’s vocals that is.

‘Cease To Exist’ is the first track to be released from the bands first foray into life without Lucker. The song itself is typical Suicide Silence from the get go with a ferocious tempo and downtuned riffing . Fans of the Black Crown album will be glad that this seems to be the direction they are pursuing. The breakdown riff midway through the song is very derivative of the breakdown section from You Only Live Once and the song does stick a pretty formulaic pattern but the vocals of Hermida fit seamlessly with the Suicide Silence sound and for this we can all be grateful.


You Can’t Stop Me will be available for purchase worldwide July 15th courtesy of Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Everyone already has their opinion about Suicide Silence so it is not worth trying to convince naysayers that this is an entirely new beast, because it is not. Opinions aside it is great to see a band come back from a tragedy that would put many others out of business altogether.


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