red fang scion av 7 inch

Red Fang have become a known name in the past years. From an explosive new act, wielding beer laden bellies and epic beards, to an established and respected stoner outfit, Red Fang have been constantly tottering on the border of raving barbarians and excellent musicians. And who says they can’t be both? Their latest record, Whales and Leeches, was well received, Heavy Blog included.

Currently on tour, Red Fang have another treat ready for their devoted fans. Apparently, they will be giving away a 7″ vinyl release for free at their merch tables during this tour. We are certain this is planned to keep the fans’ beer funds intact, all the more to get them in the spirit of the show. You can head stream and download a new track ‘The Meadow’ courtesy of Noisey and Scion AV below. Unsurprisingly, it goes sludgy and its filled with riffs.


– EK

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